Friday, October 12, 2007

Introducing our new Juniper Bed!

Check out our new handcrafted juniper bed. These things are wild! Absolutely no two will ever be alike. Crafted from western juniper, the wood twists as it grows creating a very unique look. When our artists start creating each bed they let the wood dictate how the pieces flow together to become one unified body. Every bed is a functional handcrafted work of art that is signed and number by the artist. For those of you who must have the truly unusual, this is the bed for you!

Thursday, February 22, 2007

A Sweetheart’s Surprise

One of our satisfied customers did something quite remarkable for his wife. It was a risky move that we wouldn’t have the guts to do ourselves, but James K Bakker was up to the task. You see he wanted to do something special for his lovely bride so he hatched a plan and watched it come to fruition. It goes something like this.

Mr & Mrs. Bakker live in Illinois but enjoy vacationing around Brutus in northern Michigan. This is where they have their fun. Mrs. Bakker likes to go shopping at all of the little stores in the area while Mr. Bakker goes golfing. They actually spent quite a bit of time up there and often rented hotels on their visit. But renting can sometimes be a pain calling ahead and making reservations so Mr. Bakker decided to try something daring.

He wanted to treat his wife to a big surprise so without her knowledge, he purchased property by Brutus and decided to build a cabin. He searched on the Internet for a builder in the area and found one who he thought would get the job done to his liking. His trips “Up North” now consisted of meeting with the contractor while his wife thought he was golfing. As construction got under way, his attention turned to furnishing the cabin. This is where we came in.

After careful searching, Mr. Bakker contacted us and told us of his master plan and wanted to know if we would be his rustic log furniture supplier. We gladly agreed. Our correspondence was done only via email so the phone bills wouldn’t give it away. Mr. Bakker gave us a projected date of completion and we worked toward making sure everything was ready on time.

When the time came for delivery, final communications and instructions were given so we would show up at a designated time. Timing was critical as Mr. Bakker was supposed to be golfing again and had only a specific time to be gone. We arrived at the nice little three-bedroom cabin and set the furniture up in the respective rooms. It had a loft overlooking the living room and we were sure Mrs. Bakker was going to love it. We thanked Mr. Bakker for allowing us to be a part of his surprise asked him to let us know how things turned out.

He emailed a short time later and sent us pictures of the cabin. He said that his surprise was a big hit and went over quite well. Our hats off to you Mr. Bakker. All of those missed golfing outings and careful planning paid off.

The Bakker Cabin

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Introducing the Up North Series Six Drawer Dresser!

We introduced the Up North Series for the first time at the Log Home Show in Birch Run, Michigan in January with outstanding results. The ladies commented on how they liked the dressers setting up off the ground on legs instead of sitting flat on the ground. They also liked the rustic White Cedar log corners left natural with only the bark removed and finished in a natural looking state. Folks were impressed with the solid construction and the fact that we didn’t use particleboard or press board. The drawers worked easy and of good construction with a hidden dovetail in the drawer face. We manufacture these dressers right here in our own shop, which allows us to keep a tight line on the quality of your 6-Drawer rustic log dresser.

Introducing our new product line!

Designing and building the Up North Series Furniture with your cabin on the lake in mind, we got three thumbs up at the log home show when first introducing it this year. You will be pleasantly surprised with the craftsmanship of this line of rustic furniture for the low price you have to pay. By purchasing directly from us, the manufacturer, you cut out the middleman and save yourself some of that hard-earned dough!